A Bridal Affair

Fashion shows. Lots of planning and organisation. And other various things involved. There seems to be a lot of fashion shows around Brisbane, where I live. But not that many that are consistent, as in are run regularly. Most of the big ones are run annually I would say. I remember the last time I organised a fashion show for Sunshine Coast Council's World Environment Day - a sustainable fashion show, I thought it was a nightmare. I felt I had to do everything myself cause I was the one who was chosen to be the director of the show. Though thankfully, along came a few friends who had really good organisational skills, I was able to pull through a fashion event with them. We had various sustainable fashion designers from all over Queensland. Though it was a small local one in the Sunshine Coast, it was definitely more than a B effort. The biggest problem with fashion shows more than "finding models" or "finding hair slash makeup artists" in terms of organising one is finding a good venue. Do you want a venue that endorses alcohol consumption? Do you want a venue with good lighting for good photography? I would say definitely yes for the second one. Either have the venue already installed good lighting, or enough safe space to set up photography lights or so. I think that's the main issue with organising a fashion show, and probably the hardest part. If I do run another fashion show, I would think carefully of whether the venue is good or not. I feel the rest is quite easy in terms of organising models, hair makeup artists, DJs etc...

A Bridal Affair public fashion event was run over two days in the glorious Marina Mirage with fashion parades at 12pm and 2pm on each of the day. The parades showcased clothing from fitness wear, resort wear to bridal wear and more. My favourite part was certainly seeing the lace on the bridal gowns, as always. With a beautiful runway setup, the show also started at 2pm sharp with chocolate and cake treats given out to each seated guest of the show. Thank you Marina Mirage for organising a fun event! 

My favourite looks from the show:

Photography by Suzanne Dang