AJE. VIP Night

Happy December everyone! With the festive season on its way, it's starting to feel like Christmas is coming now. But I don't know why, but I haven't been much luck with some people lately. I won't go into detail as I might get a bit too personal and bore you guys. I guess with anything, you can't get along with everyone in the fashion industry no matter how much you try. There is a lot happening this week including my younger sister's Yr 7 graduation, Fresh Laundry Thieves Runway show, a private VIP launch party night and I'm also going to a Vietnamese concert with my grandma for the second time. On a lighter note, I had the pleasure to get invited and attend AJE. VIP night - it was a night of photographing my friend aka blogger, Sophia and catching up with one of my favourite designer Suzi Knezovic from Suzii K. Oh my gosh, did I also say I finally had the opportunity to look at the amazing and timeless Valentino metal stud shoes? Picture down below. One of the guests were wearing it. I really need one of those pairs in my life. Boyfriend, where art thou?

Photography: Suzanne Dang

Above: Stunning Suzi Knezovic

Above: Anne Javier in beautiful Serapeum Dress

Above: Pretty Sophia Cao-Nguyen

Above: AMAZING Angel Feng in AMAZING Valentino shoes!! *want*