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  • How I Give Generously In The Fashion Industry Without Losing Myself

    The fashion industry is very competitive, I tell you that. It is also difficult to keep up with the trends as it is already, plus sometimes you get added stress by "competing" with the other fashionistas in the industry. How do you give generously in the fashion industry without losing yourself? Well, first and foremost, I tell you it all depends on which part of the fashion industry you're talking about: it could be the fashion design part of it or the fashion blogging part of it. So I will cover briefly from my experience with the fashion design and blogging parts. As you may or may not know, I study fashion design and I remember in my first week of fashion design, we had to create a fashion garment out of scrap materials on a mannequin and can you guess what happened next? One of the "best" designs, well, although it was my friends' design - I thought it was the best; got torn apart a few days later by "someone". We suspected it was someone in the fashion school. Out of jealousy? Out of hate? So it's these kinds of things that makes me frustrated. You can't live and breathe fashion without teamwork, you see. 

    So I went onto a "mission" and started to think of ways I can be generous to other people in the industry. Here are three ways I thought of - I will state if it's a blogging or a fashion design one:

    1. Fashion Design: Help out your classmates if you finish first in class

    - It's true, help out your classmates when you can. We are told as students that once we finish the degree, there is big teamwork involved wherever we work. So in patternmaking for example, maybe you finished cutting out all of your paper/cardboard patterns? Why not help one or two of your fellow classmates to help them finish early or on time. I help them when I'm quite ahead of the class.

    2. Blogging: Share your events with your blogging friends

    - I'm really big on Facebook fashion events, I mean the ones created on Facebook, you know? I check my Facebook events almost everyday to see if I get invited or simply check when one is coming up so I can organise my outfit early etc. Share some (or maybe all, I don't suggest all but yes, however you feel like!) events that's coming up with your fellow blogging friends. You never know they might share some back to you that you don't know about! Karma.

    3. Fashion Design: Support your classmates' design work

    - Instead of ripping apart their work when they're not looking (note: story above), why don't you support your classmates' design work by suggesting them opening a Facebook business page, or website for their designs? If you have skills in those areas of opening pages or websites, put it to use. Also 'like" their work now and then on instagram and facebook if they have one. Support them. Make sure they have first tried to find the solutions before coming to you for help.