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  • Dear Little Suzanne, What I Should Have Told You When You Were Younger

    Photo of Little Suzanne by Unknown

    Been wanting to post this one for a long time now, but the title idea just been sitting in my notes app for ages. Although I'm feeling really vulnerable, weak in the mind, body and soul recently, I want to try and use my own energies to making thoughtful, and genuine mental health content from now on, even it means sometimes posting every few months. My blog will always still be here for you all to access, no matter how much I feel I am struggling financially to maintain it anymore. It's a service I want to donate my time and money to.

    Not Everyone Who Smiles At You Is Your Friend

    Maintaining valuable, thoughtful and genuine friendships is a lot of hard work, so you learnt. It's more than building a number of so-called friends on Facebook. It's more than attending birthdays and showering your friends with gifts. It's about being there for them when they're angry, upset, or even crying. Or even worse, in a mental health crisis. 

    Having met friends who have been sweet to you in different forms of communication in the early stages of the friendship than backstabbing you in ways that you let yourself get affected and hurt. Life is not for the weak. Anyone who is not given the right tools to make meaningful friendships and relationships in times of weakness, be it professional, business or personal, they will suffer because of it. Suffering is everywhere as we can see portrayed in the news and media. Though through weakness, finding strength can be easily found. 

    Life Is A Fight But You're A Fighter

    Having lived for twenty-five years with still a roof over your head, food in your belly, hands and feet you can use, what else and more do you need and want? You fight for your mental health every day, it's a constant battle no one wants to have. You want to build mental health awareness and you are doing it. You have made efforts to make your first mental health conference work. Finding this niche in blogging was hard, but it's working for you.

    You are open to new things in life and with careful consideration of course. Whether that's in making new friendships, or in romance. You don't always verbally say and respond everything to people say. The worse thing that can happen is regretting something you say.

    Know People Will Genuinely Care About You

    Even it means they are not physically there for you all the time. You have been crying almost every day to yourself, and for other people who you feel you have affected their lives in ways. Know that someone is always there to give a small thought about you, it doesn't have to be a gesture or anything really. You have seen people lash out at each other cause of over a small disagreement but you don't let that affect you. You don't want to be that person who lashes out at others.

    You don't have to agree with every little thing your favourite people in the world say, but it's good to trust your first instincts when someone doesn't genuinely care about you. People will change over time and be kind and be true to yourself is vital. There's a difference in taking advantage of a vulnerable one is one thing, and genuinely caring is another.