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  • Dear Suzanne, You Are Stronger Than You Think

    Dear Suzanne,

    You are stronger than you think.

    Remember the time you had a car accident, it was all your fault and you told yourself you don't deserve to drive again because you are an unsafe driver?

    Do you remember the time he broke your heart and you told yourself you never open yourself to anyone ever again?

    Do you remember when your high school teacher didn't believe you could get good grades and she implied you weren't smart enough?

    But darling, all these experiences and challenges have shaped you on who you are today. You are a strong, resilient and amazing woman with many aspirations and smashing goals each day. 

    You may not feel worthy at times, but you have to know that you ARE strong AND resilient. 

    Your flaws and imperfections make you who you are now.

    Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

    You have goals - short term, medium-term and long term goals. You are a dreamer and an amazing kick ass goal-kicker too.

    You need to know this, and remind yourself this every day.

    You are grateful for all the opportunities and challenges that come your way. 

    So Suzanne, please know this:

    You are stronger than you think.