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  • What's Life After Rehab Like?

    Spending over a year and a bit in a mental health rehabilitation place were probably the best and worst times of my life. During my stay at rehab, I heard voices and had a lengthy one or two hospital admissions. I was depressed and was suicidal as well. Also during this time, I learnt to cook, clean, do budgeting, and maintain my mental and emotional health. I learnt and studied all the DBT skills and as well as applying it into my life. My wonderful doctors and nurses at rehab were very understanding and kind. I couldn't have any better mental health care team. 

    I also established friendships during this stay, and although if I was to compare my story to others, I think my situation is not 'as bad'. Sure, everyone has their own battles, but I feel my situation wasn't as bad, and I would find myself comparing myself to the other rehab residents. 

    So where am I now in life?


    That's the right word I would use. I am thriving and I am living independently in my own accommodation as well as maintaining the apartment in a clean way, as well as working now. I have been offered a Christmas casual job over the Christmas season. I have also participated in a lot of group exhibitions during the time I moved out of rehab. I have developed my own style, and also reinforcing friendships as well, and I feel my friends and family understand me more.  

    What else is happening, you may wonder?

    I applied for a $10 000 art grant and I hope to find out in early December if I got it or not.

    I am able to maintain my mental and emotional health too, in a way where I am not too depressed or experiencing mania. Even if I do experience these symptoms in the future, I have strategies and coping mechanisms to help me go through it, so I am not afraid of anything.