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  • How The NDIS Changed My Life

    I am one of the lucky ones who have received a really good package out of the NDIS and I am plan-managed and not NDIA-managed. I have had an immense amount of support throughout these two years of receiving the NDIS package. It has changed my life, and here I list why:

    1. They supported me to drive again

    This one was a tricky one for me to overcome. Having had two car accidents in my lifetime, I was traumatised to not drive for about 3 or 4 years. The NDIS paid for all my driving lessons with the PA Hospital so I can rebuild my confidence in driving alone again. The amount of support I received from this area in my life was great. I am confidently driving again, and I am so so proud of this achievement.

    2. Reinforced my love for art

    The NDIS funded all my art workshop/classes with Access Arts - I was given opportunities that I did not know about at all. One opportunity was the chance to paint a real piano and have it displayed at the cancer ward at Princess Alexandra Hospital. I was very blessed to also showcase my art at different art exhibitions and I am so grateful for that.

    3. The way my support workers encouraged me

    I have to say a big thanks to Ario and Jasmine - my support workers who brought out the "best" in me, and encouraged me that I can overcome anything and helped me stay clear of what I ultimately want to achieve and do in life - help me refine my goals and help me achieve it one by one. My support workers are not my taxi drivers too - if I can go grocery shopping alone without any support, I get a sense of achievement by doing this alone rather asking my support workers. 

    4. I could do horseriding

    Although this year part of my package was not able to do horse riding like the previous year, but I still had a go with horse riding through my first NDIS plan. I learnt to manage my anxiety better when I was on a horse. It played a huge part in my mental health recovery. I absolutely loved and enjoyed every second of horse riding. I am hoping when I have more stable income, to pay for these lessons, I would absolutely do that.

    Photogaphy by Phim Truong The Bo & Bo Studio