• INTERVIEW with Bella Wetten || The Bella Styling Co.

    Bella (Aka Isabel) is not just any stylist in Brisbane. She has a 10-year long corporate background and she founded The Bella Styling Co. She offers to help those in building Fashion Shows, Editorial Shoots, Fashion Brand Strategy and Personal Branding + Styling. Here I spend two minutes to interview Bella:

    SD: How did you get into styling?

    BW: Like any woman I've always loved style and fashion. I got into styling after re-inventing myself six years ago. I wanted to show my daughter that it's a great thing to put effort in yourself. 

    SD: You worked with Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival in March 2017. What was that experience like?

    BW: Let's just say that it was the most exciting moment of my life as a stylist. I knew I wanted to experience a big stage and Melbourne Museum delivered. It was like a dream. And putting together a fashion show for the Rachel Gilbert, Mischa, Camilla, By Johnny and Thurley I was literally living that dream for 10 straight days.

    SD: What is your favourite go-to outfit?

    BW: Currently loving my leather mini with a T-shirt and tailored jacket, Heels or sneakers. 

    SD: Describe your style in 3 words.

    BW: Elegant Street Chic.

    SD: What inspired you to create The Bella Styling Co. ?

     BW: The Bella Styling Co. started out as a personal branding and styling company but over time I re-evaluated where the company excels and we are now a team of 11 people putting together fashion events in Brisbane. My inspiration is always the fashion greats that have made their mark before us. Fashion is forever evolving and to leave your mark as a contributor to it's growth and evolution is inspiration in itself.

     SD: What’s an important life lesson you learnt from fashion?

    BW: The fashion will have life if you give it life. Celebrate it!

    SD: If you could only wear one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be?

    BW: Oh you gotta ask me the hard questions. I think it has to be Carla Zampatti. When I used to work in corporate in Sydney, I would always walk pass the Carla Zampatti on Kent Street and see people carrying fashions in garment bags. Stylish women standing out the front of the establishment on their phones speaking in different languages.

    SD: What’s the most fun part of your job?

    BW: Seeing creations are fun. And to me it's like putting together a puzzle and the end result is always spot on.

    SD: Most challenging?

    BW: Emotions are challenging. You have to deal with them in an appropriate way. Sometimes when it is so busy we disregard how others feel but on the other side of that we should because there is a job to do. A clear and concise explanation works all the time.

    SD: What’s one thing you’d never put a client in?

    BW: I would never put something that will result to a cringe. I dress clients according to body shape and style identity and the result of that is their style. But if a piece makes them cringe then its not a go. 

    SD: Who is your favourite designer? And why?

    BW: Carla Zampatti is one. Then Gabrielle Chanel. It's their stories that make me love them. How they pushed through to make something of themselves and how their brand has evolved through the changes in time.

    SD: Describe a time in your career where you felt you could say, "I made it".

    BW: I think I can say that I made it because I am doing what I always wanted to do. There's so much more to learn and so much more to experience. There might have been a few detours along the way but when I did my first fashion show when I was 14 I knew that I was meant to do this. 20 years on I will be celebrating this on 4 July 2019 so stay tuned.


  • Night of Cultures

    Last night I went to Night Of Cultures at the most prestigious event venue - Heritij, on North Quay on Brisbane city. It was a charity event raising funds for Leukaemia - the organiser's mum passed away from ovarian cancer and this was a night of getting together to help out. The Indian food was delicious and so were the desserts. There were entertainment from The Tapori Squad and also from traditional Fijian dancers, as well as a glamorous fashion show featuring different cultures - from traditional sarees to bridal to formal wear. It was an amazing night, we ended the night by dancing our hearts out at the end. Thank you Feriel Ali, Mrs Fiji Universal, for inviting me to your great event!

    Above: My outfit of the day. Wearing earrings from Jadewood Design, choker from Alannah Hill, one dress from Niki Teljega, and the other dress from Talulah.

    Above: Fijian Dancers

    Above: Marie Hillard, Ambassador and Brisbane blogger from The Brisbane Girl wearing Starfire Diamond

    Above: My bestie, Yari

    Above: Scrumptious petit desserts

    Above: The beautiful The Brisbane Girl (aka Marie Hillard)

  • An Afternoon With The Girls

    What an empowering day at An Afternoon With The Girls event held on the Gold Coast at Crowne Plaza. The speakers of this wonderful event spoke with such vulnerability and honesty. Speakers included Luka and Adelle - the people behind this event and others as well. There were scrumptious grazing tables, a make-up station, a divine flower wall, raffle prizes where the tickets sold would go to White Ribbon. Altogether as a group of 60 people, over $700 were raised for charity. Talk about group effort! I also really enjoyed using the Crowne Plaza space to do mini-photoshoots with my bestie, Louisa Parkinson. We had so much fun going to Gold Coast for this event, and we look forward to the next one! Such an amazing event.

    Above: #AWTG - yes! 

    Above: OTT Grazing table and donut wall!

    Above: Not as pretty as these desserts from The Sweet Things

    Above: One of the other guest speakers, Jess Schembri

    Above: My test subject/model for the day, Louisa Parkinson

    Above: Adelle and Luka

    Above: OOTD

    Above: With the beautiful people behind #AWTG

    Above: Louisa Parkinson at the flower wall

    Above: Thanks Louisa for taking photos of me!


  • The High Tea Party 2019

    What a wonderful day today. Louisa and I went to the Hilton Brisbane for The High Tea Party. We sat in the sold-out 12.30pm session. There were a few hundred guests and there was great entertainment from models wearing Intimo and Bird's Nest. I recognised Stace Mcgregs, a beautiful and confident curvy model. I loved her confidence on stage. The high tea was served with scrumptious sandwiches, petits and scones, as always. This was my second time to attend The High Tea Party - the previous one was so much fun as well.

    Above: My outfit for today

    Above: The scrumptious high tea

    Above: Stace Mcgregs strutting her confidence on stage

    Above: Shopping up a storm

    Above: My beautiful friend who came with me, Louisa Parkinson

    Above: At the pink carpet - how cute is it?!

    Above: With my bestie Louisa Parkinson

  • JK Couture VIP Night at Morrison Hotel

    Jk Couture VIP Night at The Morrison Hotel was a night to remember. Guests were welcomed into a special function room from 6.30pm. Seats were filled with goodie bags that left me smiling. There were entertainment from a magician, musical acts and platters of savoury and sweet foods. Guests were also spoilt with a full course meal while the musicians entertained everyone. Joanne Hasson's, (the person behind JK Couture) story and motive behind this charity night was based around her mother-in-law's cancer journey and experience, so Joanne decided to hold a charity night for cancer. There were plenty of raffle prizes to win, and I won a $300 Xennox Diamonds giftcard (woohoo!). The program ended at 9.30pm on the dot, and was perfect timing according to the program which was great. I can't wait to go to the next JK Couture's VIP night. They are just so much fun!

    Above: Beautiful styling by Plan and Simple

    Above: The program

    Above: Delicious alcohol-infused cupcakes

    Above: One of the guests, Martha Yuna Lay

    Above: JK Couture dress

    Above: Musical entertainment by Lucy Taylor Music

    Above: Show-stopper

    Above: Martha Yuna Lay and Joanne Hasson

    Photography by Suzanne Dang