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  • Interview with HANA in conjunction with MBFF Brisbane 2015

    I am very excited to do this interview with HANA as I was lucky enough to have witnessed her beautiful designs showcas at FASHFEST Canberra 2015. I am a big fan of her work and efforts. They are amazing designs with a touch of Persian to them. It is also Neda Alemohammad's (the designer) first time to showcase at MBFF Brisbane 2015 this year in August. I spend a few minutes with Neda interviewing her for the upcoming big Brisbane fashion event.

     SD: Neda, who and what inspires you the most in making your designs?

    I immigrated from Iran to Australia around one and half year ago and I was exposed to the pure nature of Australia. My inspiration comes from Australian nature and I integrated it with my Persian background and that's why I named my collection "Immigration" as it gives my first impression of this country.

    SD: Where did you study to pursue your dream?

    I studied IT, however I was always interested in art. I took part in some fashion courses in Canberra and I will continue it in the future. What I believe is that I need always to learn new things, as each learning gives me more passion and inspiration to create a new design.

    SD: Does fashion design run in your family?

    If so, tell me about it more. No not at all. Fashion is not very open and wide in Iran as women are dictated by government what to wear, however in recent years there are a lot of designers who try to make this obligation a bit more tolerable by making it more colourful and fashionable. I have been a fashion designer in Iran since 2007.

    SD: What should be expected differently from the collection for Fashfest Canberra 2015 to MBFF Brisbane 2015?

    I will showcase some of the collection of Fashfest but I will also add some new designs.

    SD: What are some of your short term and long term goals for your fashion design career?

    My short term goals are to learn as much as I can and improve my knowledge and business. I hope I can make myself know to Australian people by making ethical Australian made garments. My long term goal is to be an international designer.

    Above: A snippet of HANA designs at FASHFEST Canberra 2015. Photography and videography and editing by Suzanne Dang

     Find out more about HANA through these links:


    Also buy your tickets to watch HANA latest collection at MBFF Brisbane this year in the NEXT Hotel Next Gen Group Show too! I will certainly be there! :)