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  • How I Stay Happy And Inspired In The Fashion Industry

    "Smile, like it's your last day on Earth." ~ Suzanne Dang

    Model: Suzanne DangPhotographer: Vee Photography; Florist: PetalCoreHMUA: Sarah Vreeling

    The fashion industry can be daunting at times. With its trends always booming, and the topics of conflicts about sustainability and what is eco and what is not can be overwhelming for a person to take. Or how about the news about the Bangladesh fashion factory that killed over a thousand people or so. This sort of news always give me goosebumps and stings up my spine. We live in a world where it is easy to become negative and find ourselves in a wormhole when we read news similar to what is above. It is hard for myself to not become disheartened and to not easily blame "Fashion" for the lives of people. So what makes me stay happy and inspired? I study fashion design and coming to the end of my first year at the school, I am start to rethink of the ways to keep me inspired and simply to say, "how to survive" in this course. Here are three simple answers for staying and inspired in the fashion industry: 

    1. Take Care Of Yourself 

    It may sound simple, but alas, it's harder than you think. The fashion industry doesn't involve just wearing clothes, you may think. It involves going to events, blogging, marketing, social media and so so much more. So take care of yourself. Read a book on the bus, take a coffee or tea before you start the morning. Exercise.  

    2. Connect With Family and Friends 

    Another simple answer. It can be hard not to run in this rat race we call life. We know that the fashion industry can be very competitive so sometimes you find you have to stay up late/early day and nights to finish/start what you're doing. Connecting with family and friends is a good way to inspire you (or it does to me) for the fashion industry. People inspire me. You find your family and friends might ask for some fashion help (whether that's with styling or fixing a zip - I find with myself) if you study fashion design. 

    3. Go To Fashion Events 

    Fashion events is something I truly love doing. I love networking and connecting with like-minded people. Especially fashion shows, where you get to meet the designers and models and talk to them about their lives and how they started in the industry. You never know, you might end up collaborating with the person/brand/business one day! I highly recommend going to fashion events cause there's a high chance you'll meet people passionate about being successful in the fashion industry like you.  

    So there are three tips of advice for you. I hope you find this valuable and learnt something new. If you think there are other tips you would like to share on my blog, don't hesistate to comment below as well. Thanks for reading!