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  • INTERVIEW with Miss World National Finalist 2015 Jessica Laughton Smith

    Above: Photography by Elizabeth Grinter

    Jessica Laughton Smith is a model of all different types, actress and National Finalist of Miss World Pageant 2015. She loves fashion, enjoy keeping an active and healthy lifestyle and will be representing Queensland for Miss World 2015. I spend a few minutes interviewing this gorgeous and talented young lady:

    SD: So Jessica, what made you decide to join the Miss World Pageant?

    This is my second year competing for Missworld Australia. I competed last year on a whim after seeing it online and thinking "why not?". The journey to national finals last year was not easy and it took an incredible amount of hard work getting there but once I was there, I felt like I had found my place. I learnt so much from Peter Sereno (owner of Dear Pageant Girl) who coached us all and I felt like it would have been a waste of the new knowledge I gained to not come back. Miss World is an incredible system that supports women and gives them a platform to give back to the community. My goal in coming back for 2015 is to take home the title of Missworld Queensland and revamp pageantry at a state level. I want to help create a program here in Queensland that aims to inspire next years girls to work hard both within the community and within themselves. 

    SD: If you could describe three positive words about yourself, what would they be?

    I'm ambitious, creative and happy!

    SD: Who is your biggest inspiration in your life at the moment, and why?

    My biggest inspiration in my life will always be my mum. She passed away a few years ago from cancer and making her proud is my motivation for all that I do.

    SD: You mentioned in your public figure Facebook profile that you do modelling, and so what is your favourite part of modelling?

    I firstly consider myself an actress, so modelling for me is an extension of that. I love getting into a character for a shoot and working with a team of creative people to create a beautiful set of images. I haven't always been a confident person, but modelling has helped me learn to love the skin I'm in. 


    SD: If you could give just one inspirational or/and positive quote, what quote would you give to future pageant participants?

    Don't get too caught up in the competition. At the end of the day, only one girl can be Missworld Australia but if you use the opportunity correctly, you can come away with new friendships, experiences and skills that will be with you forever. 

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