• 4 Signs That I'm In A Manic Episode

    Friends, this post is to help you understand me better maybe, and perhaps help you recognise when I'm in an episode. It is also for me to document a bit of what's happened in the last couple of days as a reflection as well as it being therapeutic for me. In the above video, I mentioned that I have been diagnosed with depression, schizophrenia and bipolar. Sometimes it's difficult to understand when each illness is present. Today my therapist who I have been seeing for almost a year now told me that I don't have schizophrenia. It's just depression and bipolar. I'm still getting my head around this. I don't always have to get it, cause it's tough. After each episode, I learn more about my condition even though it feels like I've taken a big step back. When I have a manic episode, I notice that:

    1. I lose hope 

    Hopelessness is a big factor to notice when my mental health is deteriorating. It can be accompanied by worthlessness and losing interest in things for the future. Hope is something I need everyday to help me survive. Without hope, there is no future. But how does one have hope when everything around them seems to be crumbling down? This is something I tell myself when I lose hope. 

    2. I think people are out to harm me

    Not just emotionally, but physically, mentally and spiritually. Sure, it's normal to check your back if someone is following you when you're walking home late at night. But spiritually? What about the pastor who I thought tried to speak to me and make me feel guilty for what I have done in life? Those sort of things, if that makes sense. Sometimes when I am in an episode I think people are out to harm me. 

    3. I engage in risky behaviour/s

    This is a big one and it can mean in so many levels. It could mean from myself going out clubbing and exposing myself in a dangerous environment where there's drugs, alcohol etc are involved. I am a spiritual person I tell you that, and I know for sure clubbing is not the most spiritual place to be for someone like me. Saying I want to quit clubbing will not work, especially if you have done it in the last 2 months and going out every weekend. 

    4. My mood flutuates like crazy

    I have bipolar depression. I can get hypomania. Or even hypermania. Google it if you don't know the meanings to these words. So when I'm in a really low mood, it can be very lethal to my well-being, to the point sometimes I have suicidal thoughts. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, just the feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness arises.

    This isn't all of the signs I tell you, there are more. But maybe I'll give it a rest now. This post is written from a very personal level but I want to share it with you all.

  • Fashion Weekend Sydney 2015

    Fashion Weekend Sydney 2015 did it again! With designer runway shows and many designer stalls with clothing up to 70% or more discount throughout the four full days, I only managed to catch one day (a little bummed I missed out on meeting Margaret Zhang on the opening night though), and it was quite enjoyable. The runway show featured 15 beautiful models from Chic Management who burned the runway! (did I say that right?) 

    It was mainly ready-to-wear clothing and my favourite was most likely Ixiah, whose every season blow me away with their designs. I managed to sit in front row in the media pit, which I thought was unusual cause I don't know normally sit near the media pit. So I took these photos from the media pit. Let me know down in the comments what you think of them! 

    Thank you Fashion Weekend Sydney for media passes again this year!

    Oh did I tell you I recently got snapchat? My snapchat is @suzannedang

    Add me on there if you can!

    Photography by Suzanne Dang

    Models: Bridget Hollitt, Charlotte Morton, Yaya Deng, Roberta Pecoraco, Inez Cislak, Hannah Chapman, Remy Lloyd, Jade Burton, Hannah Mcdougall, Amy Finlayson, Madi Blampied, Noam Frost, Ivana Martin, Sarah Pauley, Jess Koops


    "JAMIE ASHKAR is conceptual and minimal, with strong functionality and attention to detail.
    The label pushes minimalism through line, geometry and bold prints that incorporates new and
    traditional tailoring techniques; emulating what the modern woman wants to wear. Jamie Ashkar designs for the strong and confident women who likes to stand out and always be forward with fashion." ~ Jamie Ashkar

    Bec & Bridge:

    "Bec & Bridge strike a fine balance between aspirational and achievable fashion, a niche its creators have worked hard to perfect since the label’s origins in 2003.The pair have a meticulous eye for detail alongside a ‘finger-on-the-pulse’ ability to create commercially savvy designs. True originals, their collections truly connect with ‘go get it’ girls all over. Their unique approach sets them firmly apart from their peers." ~ Bec & Bridge

    By Johnny:

    "The by johnny girl has no boundaries, she exists both locally and internationally. Whether here or there, they connect with each other, accessing the same information at the same time.
    She is in a constant state of progression and her wardrobe captures the allure of the ever changing modern woman.
    by johnny designs speak of unique concepts, inspired by the world as Johnny sees it The collections focus on reworking traditional silhouettes with classic styling however differentiating the wearer with the use of bold self-designed textiles and high intensity graphics."~ By Johnny

    Rebecca Vallance:

    "Australianā€born Rebecca Vallance infuses her eponymous line with a whimsical sprit and strong global aesthetic, creating timeless pieces that are both classically constructed and innovative in design. Through an unexpected mix of structured tailoring and fluid draping, the collection brings complimentary contrast to its unique prints and textures. The result is a distinctly edgy yet sophisticated offering that eschews trends in favor of embracing its own path." ~ Rebecca Vallance


    "IXIAH { pronounced ex’ sy’ ah’ } is a Sydney-based fashion label whose best known for their textural collections and strong silhouettes with handmade eclectic design aspects."~ Ixiah


    "Born in 2005, TALULAH has quickly blossomed to become one of Australia’s most loved fashion and lifestyle brands. Founded by designer Kelli Wharton each TALULAH collection seduces the customer into a world of clever colour combinations, beautiful craftsmanship and a palette of one off worldly prints. 

    TALULAH offers a range of classic silhouettes, sculptural tailoring and unique detailing to fit with the modern woman’s ever changing lifestyle and fashion needs. Each TALULAH garment nurtures the key messages of the brand inner confidence, creative expression and keepsake collections."~ Talulah

    White Suede:

    "White Suede's design philosophy conceptualises contradictions between modern, sculptured designs and draping techniques to create their silhouettes."~ White Suede

    Winston Wolfe:

    "WW epitomizes that chic blasé and inconspicuous appeal. Merging the stylish Parisian woman with the rawness of New York and backing it up with that laid back Aussie style, the WW woman signifies the spirit of NOW. Confident and metallic, the WW consumer sees the world as a playground and wears leather while running around it. Infusing her laid back effect to dresses into each piece, Kristie Kahler draws from her travels and inspiration to create an affordable and wearing piece for every girl. Kristie has soaked up that vibe and thrown it into her collections, season after season." ~ Winston Wolfe

  • FASHFEST 2015: Bronwen Stead

    It was my first and only night of Fashfest I could attend. What an amazing event it was! So very well organised and lots of things to do during the night. There was a VIP lounge with a chocolate fondue fountain, champagne (but I don't drink) and lots of mingling with like-minded people. I really enjoyed my first time in Canberra and my first ever blog coverage of this wonderful event. The first designer I will be introducing to you is Bronwen Stead:

    "Bronwen Stead has been involved in the fitness community for years, starting as a dancer and, in May 2013, competing as a bikini model in her first natural bodybuilding competition.

    Bronwen wore a beautiful emerald green competition bikini and crystallised shoes from Dana Carmont Bikinis.

    Bronwen’s unwavering passion for, and dedication to, the sport led her to put her creative skills and background in millinery to work, building her own set of competition Angel Wings.

    She had numerous inquiries from women across the country about her wings and ultimately established a creative business producing them.

    Her central target market is fitness competitors, although the wings are increasingly popular with dancers and entertainers.

    All wings are made exclusively in Bronwen’s studio in Canberra and the collection she will launch on the runway at FASHFEST are one-off.

    In a unique collaboration, Bronwen’s wings will be shown on the catwalk with Australian-made competition and swimwear made by Dana Carmont. This is Bronwen Stead’s first appearance at FASHFEST."~ FashFest 2015

    It was an amazing runway show! 

  • How I Give Generously In The Fashion Industry Without Losing Myself

    The fashion industry is very competitive, I tell you that. It is also difficult to keep up with the trends as it is already, plus sometimes you get added stress by "competing" with the other fashionistas in the industry. How do you give generously in the fashion industry without losing yourself? Well, first and foremost, I tell you it all depends on which part of the fashion industry you're talking about: it could be the fashion design part of it or the fashion blogging part of it. So I will cover briefly from my experience with the fashion design and blogging parts. As you may or may not know, I study fashion design and I remember in my first week of fashion design, we had to create a fashion garment out of scrap materials on a mannequin and can you guess what happened next? One of the "best" designs, well, although it was my friends' design - I thought it was the best; got torn apart a few days later by "someone". We suspected it was someone in the fashion school. Out of jealousy? Out of hate? So it's these kinds of things that makes me frustrated. You can't live and breathe fashion without teamwork, you see. 

    So I went onto a "mission" and started to think of ways I can be generous to other people in the industry. Here are three ways I thought of - I will state if it's a blogging or a fashion design one:

    1. Fashion Design: Help out your classmates if you finish first in class

    - It's true, help out your classmates when you can. We are told as students that once we finish the degree, there is big teamwork involved wherever we work. So in patternmaking for example, maybe you finished cutting out all of your paper/cardboard patterns? Why not help one or two of your fellow classmates to help them finish early or on time. I help them when I'm quite ahead of the class.

    2. Blogging: Share your events with your blogging friends

    - I'm really big on Facebook fashion events, I mean the ones created on Facebook, you know? I check my Facebook events almost everyday to see if I get invited or simply check when one is coming up so I can organise my outfit early etc. Share some (or maybe all, I don't suggest all but yes, however you feel like!) events that's coming up with your fellow blogging friends. You never know they might share some back to you that you don't know about! Karma.

    3. Fashion Design: Support your classmates' design work

    - Instead of ripping apart their work when they're not looking (note: story above), why don't you support your classmates' design work by suggesting them opening a Facebook business page, or website for their designs? If you have skills in those areas of opening pages or websites, put it to use. Also 'like" their work now and then on instagram and facebook if they have one. Support them. Make sure they have first tried to find the solutions before coming to you for help.

  • What A Blogger Should Bring To A Fashion Event

    Photography: Suzanne Dang

    If it's your first time to attend a fashion event as a blogger, this article is for you. As someone who has attended many fashion events and fashion shows in the past, I find it difficult to not pack too much in all honesty. You find that not many people come to fashion events and shows with big bags, especally if it's a fashion show - it'll most likely be at a bar or a club too. If it's a fashion show we're talking, you'll find the girls and ladies will wear small clutches or small handbags. If it's at a fashion high tea for example, you might find yourself dressing with the similar type bags like talked in the previous part of this paragraph. It can be easy to overpack (like me!) but I have broken down the vital and essential things you need as a blogger:

    1. A SLR Camera

    I highly recommend bringing a camera, especially a SLR cause you would want to blog about the fashion event with high quality and high res photos if possible. Sometimes an Iphone or other smart phones with high megapixels can cut it out as well. I mainly bring my Iphone 6 to fashion events these past months as my SLR lens are broken (still saving up for a new one - wish me luck!)

    2. Business Cards

    You will most likely meet like-minded and/or passionate people at the fashion event. Why not do some shameless self promoting? I always bring a stack of business cards in my bag (maybe too many!) and ended up giving them most or all away on the day or night of the fashion event. The business card helps you show professionalism and a bit of seriousness towards your brand/business.

    3. A Portable Charger

    In terms of fashion shows, I find that some or most of the shows I have been to makes you wait a while until the show starts. As a blogger, I find myself on the phone more than paying attention to my surroundings to the fashion show (shows how social I am!) - so why not bring a portable charger to charge some power into that phone? You don't want your phone to die while you taking photos of the runway show, if you're specifically using the phone for that.

    4. A Positive Attitude

    Not all fashion events will meet your expectations - I tell you that. I find I can be quick to judge with specifically for fashion shows and some events. Like how the setup is like, how the models makeup and hair is done, and if there' s EFTPOS available if there's a bar at the event. So don't be like me and quick to judge, but stay positive too. Have a positive personality towards those new people you meet in the fashion industry as well cause like I said in my previous post; you never know if you end up collaborating with them! 

  • How I Stay Happy And Inspired In The Fashion Industry

    "Smile, like it's your last day on Earth." ~ Suzanne Dang

    Model: Suzanne DangPhotographer: Vee Photography; Florist: PetalCoreHMUA: Sarah Vreeling

    The fashion industry can be daunting at times. With its trends always booming, and the topics of conflicts about sustainability and what is eco and what is not can be overwhelming for a person to take. Or how about the news about the Bangladesh fashion factory that killed over a thousand people or so. This sort of news always give me goosebumps and stings up my spine. We live in a world where it is easy to become negative and find ourselves in a wormhole when we read news similar to what is above. It is hard for myself to not become disheartened and to not easily blame "Fashion" for the lives of people. So what makes me stay happy and inspired? I study fashion design and coming to the end of my first year at the school, I am start to rethink of the ways to keep me inspired and simply to say, "how to survive" in this course. Here are three simple answers for staying and inspired in the fashion industry: 

    1. Take Care Of Yourself 

    It may sound simple, but alas, it's harder than you think. The fashion industry doesn't involve just wearing clothes, you may think. It involves going to events, blogging, marketing, social media and so so much more. So take care of yourself. Read a book on the bus, take a coffee or tea before you start the morning. Exercise.  

    2. Connect With Family and Friends 

    Another simple answer. It can be hard not to run in this rat race we call life. We know that the fashion industry can be very competitive so sometimes you find you have to stay up late/early day and nights to finish/start what you're doing. Connecting with family and friends is a good way to inspire you (or it does to me) for the fashion industry. People inspire me. You find your family and friends might ask for some fashion help (whether that's with styling or fixing a zip - I find with myself) if you study fashion design. 

    3. Go To Fashion Events 

    Fashion events is something I truly love doing. I love networking and connecting with like-minded people. Especially fashion shows, where you get to meet the designers and models and talk to them about their lives and how they started in the industry. You never know, you might end up collaborating with the person/brand/business one day! I highly recommend going to fashion events cause there's a high chance you'll meet people passionate about being successful in the fashion industry like you.  

    So there are three tips of advice for you. I hope you find this valuable and learnt something new. If you think there are other tips you would like to share on my blog, don't hesistate to comment below as well. Thanks for reading!  


  • Kirstie Clements Fashion Luncheon @ Westfield Garden City

    The fashion luncheon at Westfield Garden City held at The Palms Bar and Grill was a HOT event! (pun intended :P)...the event started around 12pm with guests starting to arrive, from store managers to bloggers. I recognised a few people and didn't hesistate to say HI to them. It was a fashion luncheon to know/learn/mingle more with Kirstie Clements, former editor-in-chief of Vogue. I had the pleasure to ask some serious question about the fashion industry to her and she happily answered them. The luncheon had a runway featuring some Autumn/Winter trends...I felt really sorry for the models who were most likely boiling in the fur coats and galore! The food was beautiful as well at The Palms Bar and Grill- it started with an entree with beetroot and a main which I had grilled salmon and some other various things on it. One word: Delish. 

    Above: Kirstie Clements, former editor-in-chief of Vogue

    Above: Thanks to the Westfield Garden City Marketing and Events team: Kristina, Harley, Alice, Rachel

    Above: Entree

    Above: Main

    Above: Kirstie Clements and Sara Hatten-Masterson

    Above: Model Samantha Cardone models in an Autumn/Winter outfit

    Above: Model Samantha Cardone models in an Autumn/Winter outfit

    Above: Model Nat Ford in my dream jacket!

    Above: Some guests of the luncheon including blogger Katie Eve in the photo!

    Above: Guests at the fashion luncheon