Brisbane City Hall Presents Ideal Bride Wedding Expo

Some people have asked me how do I get invited or/and accepted into events as a blogger via a seated media pass, and I simply have to tell you is to just ask. Get in early and ask professionally for the media pass. For me, it is a process of hassling and following up on the people who organise the event/s you want to go to. It's not easy at first - I tell you that - especially if you don't have much content on your blog or simply don't have many people following your social media sites and don't know much about it. Try your best - it doesn't hurt to ask - in the least. Well, it can make you sound annoying, maybe. But if you keep showing you're keen, then you never know you may succeed.

Upcoming on the 12th, 13th, 14th September (which is actually next week!) is a bridal expo event - Ideal Bride. Get your tickets at this link here. It is a great price - the tickets. Don't miss out on this exciting event. I will be going as a VIP. I love viewing the various designer collections of bridal wear. See you there!

Ideal Bride now also has new ownership and management. On this post, we do an exclusive interview with the new director on Suzanne Dang blog. Here we spend a few minutes with Andrea:

Andrea - for those who are unfamiliar, can you tell us a glimpse into what Ideal Bride is about? 

Ideal Bride is a complete Wedding Experience for the Bride & Groom-to-be.

They can plan their whole wedding with our wonderful suppliers. 

What are some or a few of the visions/purpose of Ideal Bride?

Our mission is to make Ideal Bride the leading Bridal service in the industry, not only for Qld but for the whole of Australia.

We know that there is an exciting event next week organised by Ideal Bride coming up - what are some of the things we should expect from this event?

An amazing VIP Champagne and Canapé evening on Friday 12th pm.

Lola the Vamp performing one of her Burlesque Dances.

Australia’s largest croquembouche being assembled.

The latest fashions and trend in gowns, styling & innovated ideas for every brides dream wedding.

Where do you see Ideal Bride in two year's time? 


Describe Ideal Bride in three positive words. 

Contempory, Elegant, Dependable,

What makes Ideal Bride Magazine more unique than any other bridal magazines out there? 

We care 100% that what we guarantee happens.

Making sure that every Client and Bride is more than satisfied.