Brisbane Fashion Revolution Day Pop-Up Market

I found myself in the lovely Lightspace Brisbane for the first time for the Fashion Revolution Day Brisbane Pop-Up market. With eco designers, sales and galore; it was an event I could not miss. I came an hour after it opened on the first day of the two-day event. Met up with some familiar faces such as Aicha Robertson and Nick Azar, the people behind The Great Beyond - eco brand. I felt the bamboo material of The Great Beyond garments for the first time and they were so soft! I must get one when I have money (and if there's my size). 

I also took a funny selfie or two with Skye from Ruby Olive (hand-made jewellery designs) and it was lovely meeting her too. Everyone was just so nice, even the organisers: Kath and Cara! Cause everyone was so welcoming and bubbly (plus I had a bit of extra time before my next meeting), I ended helping out as a volunteer - I asked people to take a photo or two with the gigantic instagram prop. It was funny. The organisers didn't expect me to help them out at all! I am glad I did though (in helping out).

I only went for one of the day, but if I didn't have anything the next day, I would have helped out and volunteered again a bit of my time. It was a very well organised event with lots of friendly faces. I enjoyed my first time at the [first] Fashion Revolution Day Pop-Up Market Brisbane. Hope I helped support such a worthy cause whether it was small or big! 

Above: Syke from Ruby Olive

Above: Ruby Olive Designs

Above: Cork Leather designs

Above: Can't believe this visor is made from cork! Made by Cork Leather