Dragonberry "Candy Couture"

Dragonberry's "Candy Couture" Runway Show was on today at Westfield Chermside. Started a bit past 7pm at their store, this event was filled with girls and women (and maybe a few guys as well) from different ages interested in this cute, and sweets-inspired fashion event and hoping to see the new range, "Candy Couture". When the runway kickstarted, the models gave the runway show an extra flair to the event by doing winks, kisses and "selfies" look, in which I personally found it fun, during their catwalk. There were free fairy floss, lollies gift bags and plenty of drinks available. 

The new range Candy Couture was designed by Katie Hogan and Madeline Murphy who I had the most wonderful pleasure to meet tonight. There were a few faces I noticed (whom I did my casual stalking on Instagram beforehand *wink wink*) were Julie Sherer (main photographer for Dragonberry), and also the most lovely woman, Megan McCarthy who I believe was the main co-ordinator for tonight's event.





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