Ekka's Natural Fibres Fashion Parade 2015

Wow, last year Ekka's Natural Fibres Fashion Show blown me away with its great and professional choreography, but this year it blown me more away. There were acrobatics including aerial silk dancers between the five segments of the fashion show. My favourite part was...everything! Although I was busy taking photos, I still enjoyed the show. There were designs from ready to wear, couture to bridal wear etc that got my attention. The models mainly came out of group of three with their amazing afro-like hair done by Corcorz Hair. I couldn't really see the makeup look but I'm sure it was stunning anyway. The audience was crowded as and although I was a bit annoyed with the group of young school students who kept on moving in and out of the near front of the stage, I managed to grab some favourite shots of the fashion parade:

Above: Circus Artists from Majestic Artists

Above: Darb Bridal Couture - not my first time to glance on such beautiful designs!

Above: Paul Hunt - love the fluffy look on the bottom

Above: Favourite shot ever, guys

Above: Love the pattern (Irma J Smith)

Above: Love the combination of colours. I actually attended a fashion show in the past featuring Pia Du Pradal and I loved it!

Above: Models in sync. Good job! (Designer: Tengdahl)

Above: Fresh-looking suits by Wil Valor

Above: White Label Noba - love it

Above: Urbanna! <3

Above: Streetwear? Ready to wear? Confused. But I quite like it.

Above: Love this. All of it.

Above: Jack Sullivan's designs are always beautiful. 

Above: One of my favourite other shots. This is an amazing George Wu gown.

Above: Acrobats! 

Above: My first time to see Easton Pearson on the catwalk. Amazing.

Above: I <3 a="" href="http://www.bora.com.au/" data-mce-href="http://www.bora.com.au/">Bora


Executive Producer: Lindsay Bennett
Choreographer: Bernadette Bagley
Parade Stylist: Kimberly Gardner
Circus Artists: Majestic Artists
Aerial Rigger: Rigcom Access
Lighting And Audio: Microhire
Projection Screens: Microhire
Hair Stylists: CorCorz Hair
Makeup: Napoleon Perdis
Video Production: TPD Media
Theming: Staging Dimensions 
Stage: Corporate Staging
Models: Anna Pembroke, Ashleigh Hawthorne, Bridget Mcmahon, Cassandra Robinson, Caitlyn Sanderson, Kyle Peacock, Lauren Phillips, Louise Pollard, Michael Fallon, Olivia Mcdonald, Remi Kano
Photography by Suzanne Dang