Emma & Roe VIP Styling Event

Life for me is full of inspiration. People inspire me. Fashion inspire me. Nature inspire me. Overall life is a blessing. Sometimes I take the people around me for granted. The ones who lifts me up, empowers me, and overall help me grow as a person. I love meeting people from different walks of life. You know, this may not be a relevant story but I had a date the other night and the guy didn't have enough money for an 'expensive' dinner and wanted to shout me but couldn't so I ended up shouting for us both. The thing that got me was that he said, "I don't mean to be rude, but I don't have enough money." - seriously what sort of guy is so genuine and honest to say that? You don't get that many people like that these days. I had the rare opportunity to meet more than one genuine and honest people this week too as well at the Emma & Roe styling/fashion event where TV personality star and blogger, Nikki Phillips; and Fashion Director of Cosmopolitan Magazine - Nicole Adolphe were present. I was lucky to ask questions to Nikki and Nicole and they shared their valuable stories and experiences and I was eagered to listen in of course. Sure, there were free macarons, petit cakes and galore but nothing else was as great as spending some time with some extraordinary, and stylish women with class.

Above: The media/flower wall

Above: With Blogger and TV Personality Star Nikki Phillips, and Fashion Director of Cosmopolitan Magazine Nicole Adolphe

Above: The media/flower wall was amazing!

Above: Decadent Desserts Served

Above: Nicole Adolphe and Nikki Phillips

Above: Classy ladies

Above: My favourite dessert with edible gold pieces

Above: Decadent Desserts