Fashion Weekend Sydney

N.B.: A Shop Till You Drop fashion event is something that should never be missed. BUT unfortunately I learnt that the hard way today. What an amazing fashion show and shopping event located at the Royal Hall of Industries today. Though not coming home with physically anything such as clothes, jewellery or other things; I left with lots of inspiration from the Chic Management models walking gracefully on the runway, more inspiration from the designer clothing where some were showcased in the previous Fashion Weekend Sydney fashion shows to opportunities to network with like-minded other people.

This year Fashion Weekend Sydney had the pleasure to collaborate with Margaret Zhang: model, stylist, blogger and overall WONDER WOMAN...but Fashion Weekend Sydney was luckily enough to have Zhang as stylist. With runway designs from very chic, feminine, and casual, it was sure an amazing fashion show/session which I had the pleasure to be seated in front row with a media pass. 

Thank you Fashion Weekend Sydney for a spectacular event. I will see you next year and I look forward to it!

Photography: Suzanne Dang

Catwalk Models: Amy Finlayson, Annie Rose, Kimberley De-Vocht, Elouise Morris, Jade Burton, Kate Martin, Lindsay Stankovic, Lucy Dutton, Madi Blampied, Milla McKenzie, Roberta PecoraroSarah Pauley, Sophia Rambaldini, Valentina Skyes, Ya Ya Deng


Bec and Bridge 

AKIN by Ginger and Smart 

Winston Wolfe


Nicola Finetti

Jamie Ashkar

Maurie & Eve 

Christensen Copenhagen

By Johnny 


If you do end up using photos, please do not remove the watermark and tag my instagram @suzannedang OR public figure page, Suzanne Dang - thank you!




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