Fashion Weekend Sydney '15

Fashion Weekend Sydney 2015 did it again! With designer runway shows and many designer stalls with clothing up to 70% or more discount throughout the four full days, I only managed to catch one day (a little bummed I missed out on meeting Margaret Zhang on the opening night though), and it was quite enjoyable. The runway show featured 15 beautiful models from Chic Management who burned the runway! (did I say that right?) 

It was mainly ready-to-wear clothing and my favourite was most likely Ixiah, whose every season blow me away with their designs. I managed to sit in front row in the media pit, which I thought was unusual cause I don't know normally sit near the media pit. So I took these photos from the media pit. Let me know down in the comments what you think of them! 

Thank you Fashion Weekend Sydney for media passes again this year!

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Photography by Suzanne Dang

Models: Bridget Hollitt, Charlotte Morton, Yaya Deng, Roberta Pecoraco, Inez Cislak, Hannah Chapman, Remy Lloyd, Jade Burton, Hannah Mcdougall, Amy Finlayson, Madi Blampied, Noam Frost, Ivana Martin, Sarah Pauley, Jess Koops


"JAMIE ASHKAR is conceptual and minimal, with strong functionality and attention to detail.
The label pushes minimalism through line, geometry and bold prints that incorporates new and
traditional tailoring techniques; emulating what the modern woman wants to wear. Jamie Ashkar designs for the strong and confident women who likes to stand out and always be forward with fashion." ~ Jamie Ashkar

Bec & Bridge:

"Bec & Bridge strike a fine balance between aspirational and achievable fashion, a niche its creators have worked hard to perfect since the label’s origins in 2003.The pair have a meticulous eye for detail alongside a ‘finger-on-the-pulse’ ability to create commercially savvy designs. True originals, their collections truly connect with ‘go get it’ girls all over. Their unique approach sets them firmly apart from their peers." ~ Bec & Bridge

By Johnny:

"The by johnny girl has no boundaries, she exists both locally and internationally. Whether here or there, they connect with each other, accessing the same information at the same time.
She is in a constant state of progression and her wardrobe captures the allure of the ever changing modern woman.
by johnny designs speak of unique concepts, inspired by the world as Johnny sees it The collections focus on reworking traditional silhouettes with classic styling however differentiating the wearer with the use of bold self-designed textiles and high intensity graphics."~ By Johnny

Rebecca Vallance:

"Australianā€born Rebecca Vallance infuses her eponymous line with a whimsical sprit and strong global aesthetic, creating timeless pieces that are both classically constructed and innovative in design. Through an unexpected mix of structured tailoring and fluid draping, the collection brings complimentary contrast to its unique prints and textures. The result is a distinctly edgy yet sophisticated offering that eschews trends in favor of embracing its own path." ~ Rebecca Vallance


"IXIAH { pronounced ex’ sy’ ah’ } is a Sydney-based fashion label whose best known for their textural collections and strong silhouettes with handmade eclectic design aspects."~ Ixiah


"Born in 2005, TALULAH has quickly blossomed to become one of Australia’s most loved fashion and lifestyle brands. Founded by designer Kelli Wharton each TALULAH collection seduces the customer into a world of clever colour combinations, beautiful craftsmanship and a palette of one off worldly prints. 

TALULAH offers a range of classic silhouettes, sculptural tailoring and unique detailing to fit with the modern woman’s ever changing lifestyle and fashion needs. Each TALULAH garment nurtures the key messages of the brand inner confidence, creative expression and keepsake collections."~ Talulah

White Suede:

"White Suede's design philosophy conceptualises contradictions between modern, sculptured designs and draping techniques to create their silhouettes."~ White Suede

Winston Wolfe:

"WW epitomizes that chic blasé and inconspicuous appeal. Merging the stylish Parisian woman with the rawness of New York and backing it up with that laid back Aussie style, the WW woman signifies the spirit of NOW. Confident and metallic, the WW consumer sees the world as a playground and wears leather while running around it. Infusing her laid back effect to dresses into each piece, Kristie Kahler draws from her travels and inspiration to create an affordable and wearing piece for every girl. Kristie has soaked up that vibe and thrown it into her collections, season after season." ~ Winston Wolfe