Feast Of Fashion

I'm so grateful to have met all the people on my journey of blogging, fashion design and everything. I am truly blessed to have a lot of support from all different areas of the world as well, whether it's meeting in person or on social media form. Thank you for those who have stuck with me since the start, and also thank you those who just discovered me and my work. I promise I won't disappoint. In the previous week I have been busy going to a particular local event including meeting up with international stylist, Di (anne) Cant again who's always looking ever so stylist. Didn't miss a chance to get another photo with my favourite international stylist. Also there was Ms June Dally Watkins - and wow, it was lovely to hear her speak on stage about a bit of personal development and her history with fashion. It was truly an inspiring talk with Di on the side being the interviewer. 

More events to date, I have been approved of my media passes for MBFF Sydney, and again, ever so grateful. They say no pain, no gain, huh? MBFF Sydney will showcase some of the best Australian designers (or should I say my favourite?) including AJE. Akira, Alex Perry, Alice McCall and to just name a few.