Gambaro Hotel feat. Sophia

I was talking about how fashion can be like a hate-love relationship in a previous post. It truly is. To be more specific, and unsurprisingly, photography can one of those hate-love relationships as well. The shooting day is actually a very small fragment of the photoshoot organisation. Before the shoot there can be a lot of planning, emails and sometimes disagreements and mistrust. Then after the shoot some people can spend countless hours or days to edit photo/s.

Fortunately this shoot wasn't full of mistrust and disagreements or any of the said negative.

I contacted Sophia Cao-Nguyen over instagram a few weeks from today about wanting to shoot her. She didn't hesistate and agreed that I will email her with further info. Fast forward a few weeks, we put together a relaxing and fun shoot. How I chose Gambaro Hotel (location of the shoot) is quite interesting, I would say. I was looking for nice hotels with nice rooms and suites to shoot a indoor one and for some reason, Gambaro Hotel crossed my mind. Cause I remember being in contact with the owner of Moda Creative and them agreed to have me shoot Renee Somerfield in front of an interesting art piece at Gambaro Hotel (that particular shoot didn't turn out by the way). But wait for it... the next interesting is that I stalked  Gambaro Hotel hashtag on instagram and found a girl sitting pleasantly in the beautiful Sunset Lounge at Gambaro. I told myself I had to get agreement to use the place no matter what! It was just so beautiful and not many people know about it (but maybe not after this post hehe). So I present you the beautiful Sophia who has also been oh-so-loyal, especially in terms in connecting with me and my Facebook. But yes, thank you Gambaro Hotel for letting us use the beautiful space.

Location: Gambaro Hotel 
hotography: Suzanne Dang

Sophia Wears

Look 1

Playsuit: Lucy in the Sky’s “For Your Love”
Clutch: Forever New 
Shoes: Novo
Watch: Marc Jacobs

Look 2

Playsuit: Camilla “Tides Of Aurora”
Shoes: Novo

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