Gambaro Hotel feat. Téa

Photography has always been my passion since a very young age. I remember my first low-end digital camera that was gifted to me was a Konica Minolta. I used it as my creative outlet to escape from the real world, and especially when I have those bad days. A decade later or so, I find myself still using photography to escape from whatever that's stirring unwantingly inside of me. Photography helped and revealed to me who I truly was. Who I was capable of - even sometimes I think I am none of that. I have been complimented by many people of my photography skills - but I honestly have to say I am not interested in making money from it. It's when you start making money from your passion, the problem of whether your passion will really remain your true passion will arise sooner or later. Cause for example I tell you, I have been involved in wedding photography and I knew how tough that business was but I gave it all my heart and heart but it ended up breaking me. Did I tell you I ended up vomiting at the wedding of a couple? Or how I had a fight with an Indian couple? And no, it's not because they're Indian, if you're wondering. The list of trying to monetise your passion goes on in my opinion. Buuuuut. On a lighter note, today was a day of me immersing into my passion...for fashion! I had the pleasure to meet and shoot blogger Téa Angelos at Gambaro Hotel. Read my little story about how I came to know about Gambaro Hotel here.

Location: Gambaro Hotel
hotography: Suzanne Dang

Téa wears:

Shoes: Jo Mercer
Bag: Alexander Wang
Earrings: Mimco