INDRO presents Spring Racing Pop Ups

Although there weren't many people who came to the first day of the fashion pop ups outside David JonesMyer and Koko Black at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, I'm sure the crowd will pick up later this week when people see my blogpost and want to go mwahaha! (not very funny I know) - anyway I arrived at the fashion pop ups outside Koko Black 45 minutes before the event started (as per usual) and found myself meeting Michael Greves (photographer and dust designer) and Laura Churchill (stylist) and then later Sarah Turner (stylist as well). I want to tell you a little story about Michael Greves and how I came to know of his amazing photography work. NO, this is NOT a sponsored post, I repeat, NOT a sponsored post, so hold your horses. I have always wanted to meet him...I love his fashion photography work and of course beauty as well. And today was the day I found out I have met him before without knowing his name...until today I finally asked for his name. So that's the end of story, sorry. Whoops!

Above: Daisy's Florists flowers and macarons from Passiontree Velvet. YUMMO!

Above: Laura Churchill looking fabulous as ever

Above: Derby Day clothing - black and white tradition!

Above: I want a plastic horse with flowers around its neck in my room. Seriously.

Above: The first fashion workshop of today (Tuesday 20th October) included a presentation from Review Australia

Above: A fashion event without food is a food without a fashion event. (what?)