Jadewood Design Presents S16 FLORA Launch Party

A wonderful casual evening well spent in an intimate setting with Jadewood Design tonight and guests. I was invited to privately view the collection of Tahlee Woodland's "FLORA" fashion collection. The outfits were colourful with a mixture of wonderful patterns with it being drawn by Lauren Young, a Sunshine Coast painter. I had a lovely evening cutting cake for everyone and serving it! I also won one of the raffles - a 6 months skincare supply of RAW Kaya Organics! Lucky B11! Woo! My friend Ange from Teachers On Trend also enjoyed the evening, I'm sure. Congratulations again to Tahlee and team on the launch of her beautiful collection, FLORA.

Above: Maddison O'DowdMikayla FrithWhitley O'DowdKatinka AllomHannah Martin

Above: With the founder, owner of Jadewood Design - Tahlee Woodland - so much of a talented and amazing lady! Photo by Tahlee's friend, Chloe.

Above: Suzi KnezovicLaura PlusninHetty Appleton-Miles - stylish fashion bloggers of Brisbane

Above: Beautiful models with Tahlee Woodland!

Above: Upclose look of one of Jadewood Design's stunnig piece and garment

Photography by Suzanne Dang unless otherwise stated