Louenhide VIP Opening Launch Night

I was hoping I will end this year with a bang as it is the last month of improving myself and doing what I love: blogging. At times it has been hard to stay inspired but usually the days of not being inspired lasts for only a short while. I have been blogging since 2013 and I know it's something that will last for me. Tonight in lifegroup we talked about conviction in life and it reminded me of how I have come a long or not so long way of being in the fashion/blogging world. It really is something I enjoy. I want to continue the photography side of things, going to events, and doing some media coverage about it. And most importantly, networking. Meeting new people is great. I have been told I have the natural slash genuine personality to approach new people by many friends. Don't ask me how I do it, but I just be myself. And stay true to myself. Of course I have moments where I get butterflies in my stomach when I see someone famous on instagram (for example) in Brisbane AND at the same event as me.  

Tonight's event was wonderful. To be honest, I judged the store and event a bit too quick. I actually assumed it was going to be a VIP event in their store, but I found myself with a store that hardly could fit 10 people roaming in it. I was wrong though. The event tonight was held outside the Louenhide store and a special area was closed off just for the event in Westfield Indooroopilly. Champagne, canapes and amazing goodie bags (actual designer handbags) were given to all guests. Very organised. Thank you for the invite, Louenhide. (Lou and Heidi - geddit?) [ founder of the designs if you didn't get it =) ]

Above: The amazing goodie bags

Above: With inspiring Jordan Cannon (blogger and everything in between)

Above: With Juliet Siu (blogger) and Jordan Cannon (blogger)

Above: Runway Show

Above: Excited for the goodie bags!

Above: Some of the stuff inside the goodie bag - (2) Louenhide bags and (1) scarf, Lulu and Lipstick's Makeup Brush, L'Occitane beauty samples (yay!), Lush hair shampoo