Marie Claire Up Late

Wow I just got home and trying my best to not fall asleep on the laptop. Where have I been you ask? Just cruising through life...lots of partying and non-drinking as normal (yes, I party every weekend and I don't drink - yes yes). My life has been up and down in the past few days but that's OK peeps, I managed to survive through another fashion event. Tonight was the Marie Claire Up Late event on James St. I have heard about this event for ages now, but it was actually my first time to attend. I found myself at James St at 3pm in the afternoon, sipping on water at the cafe and having a very berry early dinner today. People were setting up the stage, music, lights when I got there and it was a very relaxed atmosphere...until it started to hit 5.30pm. Oh boy did people got excited...for goodie bags! 40 mins later, goodie-bag - check. Didn't even get to keep it, cause I gave to my friend who arrived late. But that's OK. I quite enjoyed the event, I'm quite content I got to meet a lot of friendly people. And were happy for me to take pretty photos of them. Marie Claire Up Late on James St, hope to see you again next year! The event were also full of stylish ladies, as you can see below:

Above: Claire Maryons

Above: Kaitlin Strong

Above: Caitlin Bennett

Above: Karen Barrios

Above: Nikita Bedwell

Above: Nikita Bedwell

Above: Courtney Prue

Above: Mikaela Walker

Above: Georgia Boutcher and Asha Tregear

Above: Jessica Schmidt, Jordan Boorman, Emily Houghton, Samantha Godfrey

Photography by Suzanne Dang