MBFF Brisbane '14 Presents Designer Group Show

I am really blessed. Like really blessed. Sometimes I forget that all of these material things that we "die" for can matter so much to us - but, in fact, it is just a little part and segment of our lives that makes up who we are and we do. But back to why I am saying I am blessed - is that, I got to sit in front row at one of tonight's fashion show. It's not cause I stole it off someone or purely pushed someone off their seat (am I even tough enough to do that?) but I was offered a seat. I - Suzanne Dang - just an ordinary girl and (young princess too?) of the Lord Jesus - was offered a front row at one of the most prestigious fashion events in Queensland by someone else. I was honoured to sit next to Adelaide who offered me it.

I love meeting people at fashion events. Most of them anyway - it's classy and you get to meet some cool people in the industry - unlike other events like the drinking one 'till you get drunk and drop on the floor' - or another one, which I am guilty for...is dancing till 5am in the morning with no alcohol in my system. No wonder those doctors put me on mood stabilisers to help calm my elevated mood and all this dancing ability and capacity - which is alright. Speaking of mood stabilisers and mental health, I have YoutubeWatch my latest video if you want to know some tips on overcoming depression, schizophrenia and bipolar - as I have all three of them (and counting?)- diagnosed properly etc. 

Anyway I love fashion events. Yes - you probably already know that by now.

Photography by Suzanne Dang

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