MBFF Brisbane '14 Presents Emerging Designer Group Show

I'm not just another girl blogging and just with a camera. I'm a girl with big dreams and big aspirations. I believe in having faith to wherever you aspire to want to be. I believe I can reach my dreams and aspirations. Tonight was another night of inspiration and tension mixed into one. It's like another fairytale come true. I don't know, I'm not much into poetry sometimes. Sometimes I think I take things a little too far and think everything will fall into place. But we have to work hard to get where we want to be - note well, a lot of cheers and tears has been put into all this 'blogging' and I appreciate everyone one of you who supported me on this journey so far.

Tonight I had the pleasure to attend another Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Brisbane fashion show - The Emerging Design Group Show. Winding back a few hours, I got to meet and rub shoulders with the lovely Dale from The Hat Box at a private event in Brisbane Arcade! Picture is on my instagram for those who are interested.

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Note Well: If you click the image twice - the high res of the image can be viewed.


Otim Ajalia
Anna Hulm
A Jacksonian Era
Emu Designs
Stokes Thompson Designs
Erin Hassall

Photography by Suzanne Dang