MBFF Brisbane Presents Myer SS'15

I have to say, standing in the photographer's pit is not easy. There is so much going in to such a big event like tonight, and I felt a big tension for some reason before the show even started. So for the first time after a long time, I was given the opportunity to stand in the pit at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival opening show tonight. Overall it was an interesting experience, I guess you get to watch it at your own height and...maybe, comfort. I also had the opportunity to rub shoulders with Alex Perry - for goodness sake, he was only 30 cm standing away from you, Suzanne. Why must you think too much at that time? He is the Alex Perry - the fashion designer we all know about.

The fashion show showcased some designers I have and haven't heard about - and perhaps photographed before like....no one. From what I remember, I haven't photographed anyone of these designs cause I or people would say they're quite...say, popular. 

It was definitely an inspiring fashion show though - I have to admit. Every fashion show I've attended of course have their pros and cons in my opinion but as I am a fashion design student I am learning the behind of the scenes and all the hard work and sweat that goes into a piece of garment. It's amazing! Some are hand made to scratch for goodness' sake!

Anyway, if you do end up using photos, tag my instagram @suzannedang or hashtag #suzannedang OR my public figure page Suzanne Dang.


Alex Perry
Arthur Galan AG
Aurelio Costarella
Brent Wilson
By Johnny
Charlie Brown
Dom Bagnato
Fleur Wood
Jayson Brunsdon Black Label
L by Lisa Ho
Little Joe Woman
sass & bide
Wayne Cooper