Meet Caitlin

I had the pleasure to meet Caitlin from SundholmStyle again and organise a very last minute shoot and meet-up with her. It was both of our first time to set foot onto the rooftop of Chinatown carpark for a photoshoot. It was indeed a very relaxed photoshoot. Also, I wonder where exactly I am going with photography. I know I have a lot of encouragement from people (friends) to make it more of a 'career' and boy, have I told you (or not) that I tried. Wedding photography - been there, done that. Not saying it's a bad choice cause each person takes their own pathway and react to certain things differently from one another. It's just wedding photography was tried out for a few months by me (sure, the money was good) but soul-wise it was not satisfying. Maybe my plans will change and it's all in God's timing. Really, it is. 

Photography: Suzanne Dang
Top: Sportsgirl
Skirt: Temt
Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Bag: Michael Kors
Watch: Michael Kors