Melbourne Blogger's Breakfast

There is something about each blogger that is unique. You can't pidgeon hole all bloggers in terms of what and how they do things. Everyone does things differently in life, just like everything. Like I don't necessarily focus on streetstyle all the time and post streetstyle photos all the time (not saying it's bad) on my instagram of stylish strangers. There is something about each blogger that is unique. I love them all. I don't see them as competitors. Or try not to anyway. But rather see them as inspiring individuals. They are people who are trying to build a empire, I'm sure. I loved meeting all the bloggers slash those who are in to the blogging industry at the blogger's breakfast at Crabapple Kitchen in Hawthorn today. Although it was a very short meetup, we shared business cards and smiles. It was good fun. Thank you my dear friend Natalie from Interlaced Media for organising the event, no matter how busy your schedule is, you seem to put some time out to think of all of us. Love you lots, Nat!

Above: Some bloggers include Raquel IluianoJorja Brown from Fashion Society, Aimee Johannsen from Aloha Everybody, Wild Flower Diaries, Diane Pantoja from Jacq And Diane, Sammy Cashen from Unzipped Fashion Source

Above: Some bloggers include Lina Grant, Rehan Shrestha, Mati and Tapi from Le Ntendre, This Kind Heart Blog