Niki Teljega The Label Third Birthday @ Brisbane Powerhouse

Fashion Design to me is like a hate-love relationship. Sometimes it brings you joy, sometimes it brings you sadness. There is a lot of thought going into making a garment. I guess the whole ‘normal’ process, not in any particular order; is to design by illustrating the fashion garment into paper, patternmaking, drawing technically, draping and of course sewing. Yesterday night I witnessed the work of master fashion designer, Niki Teljega, on the runway at The Brisbane Powerhouse. The Brisbane Powerhouse actually has a great room for performances and runways called the Visy Theatre. The Visy Theatre was the venue for the fashion show for Niki’s Best of ’13 collection, Niki’s first Ready-To-Wear Collection, and the spectacular 2015 Haute Couture Collection that was absolutely a show shopper.

Most of you may know Niki and I are good friends and I am currently doing a fashion design internship with her. I don’t compliment her purely because she’s my good friend. She is really a woman of creative talent, boldness, and a woman with highly organisation skills. Niki has had runway shows locally, national and of course also on an international level but it doesn’t stop there.

Last night event guests were treated with three entertainers between three fashion runways shows. After the fashion show and entertainment, the after party private function area was set up with delicious cupcakes and a lolly buffet set up by Eloquent Weddings by Sharon. It was a great night for everyone.

Runway 1: Best of 2013 Haute Couture Collection

Runway 1: Niki's creative eye for details are just amazing

Runway 2: Niki's first Ready-To-Wear collection.

Runway 3: Show-stopper - dress from Niki's 2015 Haute Couture Collection

Teamwork prevails!