Our Empire Styles A Fashion Showcase

This time was my second time to attend a fashion show or showcase presented by Marina Mirage. Things were done a bit differently, and in particular one thing I liked was that the models walked out with designer paper bags with the designer name on them of the clothing the model was wearing. I thought it was a very smart idea cause sometimes you can't catch or remember the designer piece the model is wearing that you really like. So it was the first time I've seen a fashion showcase/show did something like that and I was surely impressed. I also got to meet the lovely ladies behind Our EmpireSimone Bennett-Smith and Elke Bell. They do marketing, events and fashion styling. For this showcase, it was hosted and styled by Our Empire. The fashion showcase today showcased designs for Spring/Summer. I share with you some of my favourite looks.

Above: Love the pop of orange

Above: Every piece of this outfit completes the look

Above: This jumpsuit <3

Above: Can't go wrong with red

Above: Gorgeous models

Above: Our Empire directors, Elke Bell and Simone Bennett-Smith with model Silka Kurzak

Photography by Suzanne Dang