Rhythmatic Fashion Show 2015

I haven't blogged about fashion events since FASHFEST Canberra. Doesn't have anything to do with lazyness, or lack of motivation I don't think. I've been feeling really motivated lately and been getting a lot of energy to do things (whoops, like clubbing!). I feel there isn't always a need to blog now because I want to produce good quality content. But anyway tonight's fashion show reached my expectations as like the other TAFE QLD Brisbane - Mt Gravatt graduate shows I attended. The sound was right, the lighting wasn't too harsh and the hard work that students have put into making their garments were exceptional. 2% glamour, 98% hard work they say! Enjoyed my night out. Here are my favourites:


Love the blotchy, and colourful print!

Peplum love!

Is it black, blue, or white? Haha

The necklace piece was actually very sparkly in real life. But of course, I'm not the best photographer in the world and couldn't capture the glitterness of it.

Love everything about this piece!

Another peplum love!

This print <3


A touch of elegance!

How awesome are the flowers on it?


Them flares.

Love the diagonal effect.

That frill <3


Photography by Suzanne Dang