Scrunch Presents Brisbane Top Blogger's Breakfast @ The Kitty (Treasury Casino)

Finally Winter is over. What a jam-packed month it was! From fashion events in my/the local Brisbane to the world's third prestigious beauty pageant blog coverage! Also forgot to mention that I have successfully completed first term of Fashion Design degree. How fun it was/been! The days go by so fast when you actually love what you do and create beautiful photographic moments in your life. 

Onwards to photographic moments, snapped up with my iphone using the VSCOcam editing app as well, I thoroughly enjoyed my quick appearance/breakfast at Scrunch's Brisbane Top Bloggers Networking Event in the Kitty Room @ The Treasury Casino and Hotel. Also - a topic I want to touch lightly Indeed you can't pidgeon-hole every single blogger into a category. Sure, the category "Blogger" comes up now and then when you apply for a media pass but have you realised that each and every blogger has a unique, personal style to them? Like how I tend to photograph fashion shows from the front rows or to bloggers whom just focus on streetstyle. Lots and lots of bloggers - don't be scared. Well- I am a little scared - maybe just a little, losing my voice on the way....echo.

The beautiful Matt Stewart painting in the background

From Left: Duo bloggers from Word on the Street Press, Kelsey Rea from Dreaming Of Dior, Kate Nutting from Pretty Dresses From The Laundry, Connie from It's Connie Yeah, Mary Hecker from It's Mary.

Sponsored goodies in the giftbox for every guest: Her Fashion Box  LouenHide Issada  I Heart Brownies  TOM Organic  Kester Black  Jessica T, Matt StewartBrazilian Beauty Cheveux Design & Espresso and The Australian Skin Institute

From Left: Suzanne Dang, Jennifer Nini from Eco Warrior Princess, Word On The Street Press, Kelsey Rea from Dreaming of Dior, Katie Orlowski from Steal The Spotlight, Jordan Canon from Jordy's Beauty Spot

Above: Warren Jopson Photography - Me and Mary Hecker

Above: Warren Jopson Photography - Katie Orlowski and Me

Above: Warren Jopson Photography - Receiving the gift box! How fun!

Above: Warren Jopson Photography

Above: Warren Jopson Photography - Me and Danielle Lewis (founder of Scrunch and editor of Brisbane Threads)