It was my second (or third?!) time to attend a RAW Brisbane event at The Arena in Fortitute Valley. For those unsure what's RAW is about, RAW is a national and international creative collaboration of art, music, fashion, photography and much more. The fashion show is always the segment that excites me the most. I like supporting local fashion designers, models, makeup artists and the like through my photos. It's not much that I can give back, but at least it's something.

The following creative people helped put the runway photos together:

Fashion Designers:

Summa Shing
The Wanderers Co 
Seven Eves
Alice Nightingale
Oxë Clothing 

Accessories Designers:

Maggie Steel 
Teacup Rose 
Sconnie & Jam 

Hair Stylists:

Summa Shing
Sarah Courtney
Rae Murray 
Emily Godson
Elise Heather

Makeup Artists:

Summa Shing Make Up Artist
C Williams Artistry 
Charmaine Warpaint 
Xsentuate Makeup Artistry

Please note: If you do end up using photos, please do not crop the watermark out and also tag my instagram @suzannedang or public figure page, Suzanne Dang




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