Success Women's Network Brisbane Launch

Tonight was my first time to attend Success Women's Network launch in Brisbane. Speaking of success, it was indeed a very successful event. It was a night of fashion and opportunities to network with other women in business. I ended up handing out about 10 business cards of my own - which is always good. If you have been following my blog for some time, you would be aware that I normally get excited about fashion shows. So tonight's fashion show feautured designer clothing of Sinead James, whom I had the pleasure to photograph at Undress Gold Coast. What a lovely way to meet the sustainable designs again. 

Featured also on the runway was The 400 co. I had the pleasure to meet the lovely person all behind this business, Laura and her corporate designs was featured as well. Do check out her website here. The last but not least designer that was on the runway tonight was Wilde Willow. It was my first time to hear of this designer brand, and I thorougly enjoyed the designs that showcased on the runway tonight. Very chic, with a tinch of professionalism to it in regards to designs. 

Photography and videography: Suzanne Dang

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Video of Runway Shows:




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