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Hey you! Did you know that MSIT (Metropolitan Southern Insitute of TAFE) is no longer...MSIT? It has now been combined together with all TAFEs across all other TAFEs this year. Tonight's TAFE fashion show was a remarkable display and big inspiration for me, cause I will be taking up a fashion course at TAFE QLD this upcoming July. Yay. And it was lovely meeting some, or not all (yet) designers who studied through TAFE. The 45 min or show started around 7pm this June, and it showcased designs across all levels of studies. From active wear, cocktail, swimwear and much more, it was indeed a visual delight that filled all my senses. The fashion show is always well organised and it was pleasure to attend the event as a blogger. I took as much photos needed, and I apologise in advance if I missed a few designers. It was more of a 'testing the light' thing for those designers' collection who were showcased at the very beginning of the show, if that makes sense. Hence why I'm not the official "photographer" for the fashion show.

Like I said, this was my second time to view the collections across from Diploma level students' designs to Advanced Diploma level students' designs. The commitment and the hardwork into what the students have done for their designs really exudes on the catwalk and runway tonight. Lots of more accomplisments for TAFE QLD to come, and so will my personal accomplishments come to life. There is nothing more important to me now than finishing this 18 month course. Before I say further things about my uptaking of a new course, I want to say that each and everyone of you have inspired me and I THANK YOU for those who come to my website (for the first time) or make repeated visits. Also, this new course will equip me with the tools and skills I need to go out in this big world, and do things. You know, I was inspired by a quote one of the head speakers spoke to us tonight, and I'd like to end with it:

"It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default." ~ J.K. Rowling

Photography: Suzanne Dang


Gabrielle Tumataroa, Hannah Farrell, Madeline Petite, Annaleese Cochrane, Veenita Lata, Chloe Nguyen, Amelia Weaver, Chantal Towers, Edith Mauga, Angela Lordachescu,Nhi Pham, Joanne Gatley, Joel Phillips, Stephanie Truman, Jayden Stone, Tiffany Peng, Lydia Hilton, Madeline Dye, Zoe Rathgeber, Verity Taylor, Grace Hawthorn, Fabiana Correia, Sarah Anastasi, Adelaide Pollock, Grace Coventry, Laurel Franklin, Maria Warwick, Jennifer Dhillon, Ryan Wood, Brooke Kassulke, Louise Revill, Emily Sun, Deshna Karan, Convention Issa, Faith Stephenson, Kendall Sly

Millinery Designers:

Gabby Magnus, Gwenneth Lippiatt, Felicia Sims, Toni Spence, Gaye stones, Laura Moss, Margaret Rafter

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