Toowong Fashion Festival 2015

Tonight's event was jam packed with fashion, food, mingling with familiar faces (for me) and overall enjoying a great night out at the Toowong Village VIP Moet Fashion Festival. I saw fashions from Blue Illusion, David Jones, Cue (my favourite out of the runway shows) etc. I arrived there a bit past 6pm and there were no allocated seating so I could grab a front row seat for myself - which is one of the beauty of attending fashion events alone, if you don't mind me saying. The runway was so beautiful, although short length-wise, it had beautiful and sparkling chandeliers and vines hanging over the top as pictured below. Whoever catered the food did a magnificent job as I couldn't help myself from having seconds to the profiteroles! The runway started at 6.45pm as scheduled in the program outlined weeks ago which was great as I love it when fashion shows aren't fashionably too late. Who likes waiting huh? The runway then went for about half an hour: six models (two males, four females) gracing the catwalk with cheerful faces. Dallys models are always great to see on the catwalk too. 

Above: Chandeliers and vines - just beautiful

Above: Tina and Joy enjoying a glass of Moet champagne

Above: Nick Azar and Aicha Robertson from The Great Beyond

Above: The beautiful runway setup

Above: Shoes- love.

Above: Trench coat just looks fantastic on the model and for anybody who wears it

Above: The hat completes the look

Above: Cute backpack

Above: Cue makes the best designs sometimes

Above: A tinch of cobalt blue and orange tangerine suits it perfectly

Above: Peplum love - but the orange is just superb

Above: Show Stopper

Photography by Suzanne Dang