Undress Gold Coast

If it's something in specific in fashion shows I love to support, it would be without a doubt, sustainable fashion shows. Having attended sustainable fashion shows from a fashion co-ordinator point-of-view and also as a VIP guest, Undress Runways has once again organise their frequent runways with their beautiful choices in sustainable fashion designers. Tonight's Undress Gold Coast featured clothing from winter fashion, apparel, lingerie and much more. There were three runway shows with 10-minute gaps in between each fashion show. Front row seating, good music, good company, amazing weather with a pinch of coldness to it - these things made the night perfect. Simply excited to see designers, Anna Hulm and Fabled and True (and maybe a few others that may haven't been mentioned) was once again appeared on the runway tonight which was great.

If you haven't heard yet, Undress Runways recently entered a QANTAS competition to be in the winning of a $20 000 grant for their desired project (Undress Shop), and I'm proud to say that they won! Congratulations Undress Runways, you most deserve and worked very hard for it. So Undress Shop will be opening their online shop later this year where you can purchase the runway clothing at your fingertips.

Well, to wrap it up, it was certainly a good night at this fashion event with a great cause. I look forward to supporting Undress Runways' future events and being updated in social media websites with their news as well.

Photography: Suzanne Dang

Makeup: Joel Richy and team


Cameron And James
The Green Shop
Eco Darlings
Sinead James
Moon Bird
Madonna Bain
Tuffys and Tuffetts
Anna Hulm
DeLore Couture
Eco Bird
East Of Grey
Fabled And True

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