Brisbane City Hall Presents Ideal Bride Wedding Expo - VIP night

Some people may wonder what motivates me on this journey of blogging and "going to do a lot of things". And I hate to break it to you, but simply, I have to tell you that people motivates me. Yes, people from all different races, sexuality, religion, postcode etc - motivates me. Yep. I'm sorry to tell you my answer doesn't go any more elaborate than that. I do have a soft spot (or have I always?) for mankind. I don't think I could survive in this world if it was only myself. Funny I said that, I think I would be lonely. Impacted by a lot of various things in life, has certainly came a long way, and gosh, a whole heap of editing posts and website and amongst the ideas I had/has/having in my head. Blogging has been my platform to express myself in a way that is unique for my readers as well. Of course, I still have a lot to learn from the world of blogging... - I'm always learning - but like I said in one of my previous posts, it's more than just a girl/guy with a camera and someone regurgitating their emotions into the blogposts (or does it seem that I am doing that?).

I also want to thank you Ideal Bride and their lovely team for inviting/giving me a VIP ticket to their Friday VIP night. It's not normal for me to be so picky with fashion events/shows now. But I have simply come to a point where I have to analyse the small to big things that will effect my blog's exposure and see if there's mutual benefits for both parties. Furthermore, I'm starting to realise there are different types of fashion shows. When someone tells me there's a fashion show/event and I assume I would get all hanky panky (what now, Suzanne?) about it, then I tell nah-ah, I have to ask questions before I put all my time, energy and efforts into it...especially when I have travelled interstate to blog about great fashion events.

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Jordanna Regan Couture
JK Couture
Rebecca Cobbing (and millinery by Belle Folie)
Gowns of Elegance
After 5 Bridal & Formal
Regalia Bridal
Fine Bride