Wedding Reception

Registered to attend The Wedding Reception Showcase at the most beautiful and luxurious Stamford Plaza Hotel this evening. The event kickedstarted off at 5.30pm in the Brisbane city and when I arrived there, there were already dozens of people gazing at the beautiful wedding stalls from wedding photography, marriage celebrants, wedding cakes and overall people trying to promote their business which helps make a beautiful wedding happen and to be successful.

Again, the main part that excites me the most was the fashion showcase which featured a beautiful stage which was held in a beautiful room with guest dinner tables setup and styled by Styled Events - also to mention the gorgeous-looking and never-to-be-seen-before (well, in my case) clear, and transparent chairs surrounding the stage, and also with pink neon lights glowing through the chairs which created an almost romantic feeling to the setting. Kudos to the crew who set-up the stage and surrounding environment.

The fashion show kickstarted at 6.30pm featuring bridal designs of Pina Fiorenza who's been in the creative and fashion industry for many years as described on her website. There were six beautiful catwalk models who showcased the designs.

Photography: Suzanne Dang
Designer: Pina Fiorenzo from Fiorenzo
Makeup: Hollywood Brides

If you do end up using photos, please don't remove the watermark and tag my Instagram @suzanne dang and/or my public figure page, Suzanne Dang.




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