Young Summer Fashion Show feat. Hunting Faith The Label

Above- Photography: Woodland Photography, Model: Emily Kate SymesDesigner: Hunting Faith The Label

I'm here with with Clarissa Ross - person behind the amazing Hunting Faith The Label for a short few minute interview. I have been following Hunting Faith The Label for some time now, and seeing them at runway shows. It is definitely one of the must-see designs at the Young Summer Fashion Show happening in less than two days - so get excited peeps. 

What should we expect at the Young Summer Fashion Show for your designs?

The A/W15 collection is very true to the Labels aesthetic. The main difference is this season Ive incorporated print, which I've never done. When I saw it though I fell in love and had to have it. This season feels a little more grown up and polished, although in some aspects still very relaxed in the fit and drape. I'm very excited to show everyone at Young Summer on Thursday night! 

What inspires you and why?

When I design I always picture the clothes on a runway. How they would drape and the silhouettes they would make. That's what makes me the most excited and inspires me to create. The vision of the garment on a runway. I think like any one thats been to university the truest inspiration is still a deadline though haha! 

If you look back at one favourite moment of your fashion design career or student life, what would it be and why?

That's such a hard question! Ive been really fortunate with the shows Ive been able to be apart of, and walk away everytime thinking 'that was the best one yet'. If I would have to narrow it down it would be making it into the finals in the Calico Bridal Awards at the Queensland Bridal Expo. It really gave me a lot of confidence to keep designing. 
Also being apart of Melbourne Fashion Week showing for Cloud9 Australia's product launch was a lot of fun! 

We know you'll be showcasing your A/W15 collection at Young Summer. Describe that collection in three words.

White, Black, Nude. 

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I definitely see myself still designing. Its truly something I'm passionate about and love to do. Hopefully within the next five years the Label grows and I grow as a designer with it. 

Don't miss out and buy your ticket to see Hunting Faith The Label on the catwalk show at Young Summer now here. Tickets are only $25 for General Admission! But get in quick as tickets are selling fast and the event is on tomorrow!